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Flexible intermediate bulk containers

Masterpack Group is a leading developer in high-end packaging solutions. With nearly 100 years of experience, we differentiate ourselves from our competitors by choosing not to be a “one size fits all” producer.

We keep an eye for the human factor in our complete chain. Beside the personal attention that we give our customers, we take good care of our staff. This enables us to aim at the best in industrial packaging.

From the most delicate products in the food- and pharmaceutical industry to the extremes in materials and conditions in mining and chemicals: we are able to pack and protect it.

With our FIBC’s and service we create the opportunity for you to pack and transport your products. Working with the Masterpack Group entails that this can be done in the most efficient and responsible way.

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Our customers

Masterpack Group is a leading supplier in these sectors of industry:

  • Food

    Foods case

    Clean & tight
    • hygienic production in certified sites
    • no contamination
    • positive cost-benefit analysis
    • 100% tight
    a clean and tight FIBC against lowest possible costs

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  • Mining


    Extreme endurance
    • product with extremely high gravity
    • special double walled system
    • only 60 cm: able to hold 10,000 kgs
    an innovative, heavy-duty packaging solution

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  • Chemicals


    Hygienic & unique
    • production in certified clean room
    • special square shape construction
    • hygienic packaging solution
    a unique formstable design with great benefits for demanding users

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  • Pharma


    Stable, strong & clean
    • 100% hygienic production
    • construction with formstable liner
    • reduction of packaging costs
    a different and successful approach for packing pharmaceutical tablets

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