Quality and experience for almost a century

Winza Products was founded in Enschede, the Netherlands in the late nineteen twenties. It all begun with trading jute for the Dutch home market. Gradually jute sacks were replaced by synthetic woven materials that were mainly sourced outside Europe (e.g. Asia).

About 30 years ago we started collaborating with partners in China, Thailand and Malaysia and within a few years we purchased our own pieces of land in Bangkok, Thailand in order to set up our own production site. Thai Masterpack Co. Ltd. has been established in 1986 as a joint-venture with Winza Products.

In the years that followed we expanded our network of certified manufacturing sites in Asia with China Masterpack and Rondo Masterpack and most recently our brand new manufacturing plant in Bangladesh; Bangladesh Masterpack. In 2017 we decided to set up the company Masterpack Group B.V. to bundle all of our bulk packaging operations under a new trade name.

Now under the third generation of the founding family de Winter, the company has evolved from a trading company to a leading, global player in the field of bulk packaging solutions. Besides an interesting history also the future is taken care of with the next generation of the family de Winter preparing itself for its future tasks so that Masterpack Group will maintain its position as an authority in packaging solutions.