Packing the extreme

Solutions for the Mining industry

One of the leading mining companies in the world was facing difficulties in packing and transporting an extreme product: a specific type of iron ore. Masterpack Group provided them with a unique solution; the ultra high performance FIBC.

Mining case - solutions

The Challenge

Our customer was in search for a flexible packaging solution that offered the very best protection for their robust iron ore. A complicating factor was that this ore has an extremely high specific gravity (even higher than steel). A flexible packaging solution – such as an FIBC – would then have to be extremely strong and have an outstanding endurance.

The mining industry is one of extremes

The Process

Our team of highly experienced professionals was called to the task, consisting of both commercial and technical experts. The Masterpack Group Project Team made an inventory of the following 3 essentials:

1. Technical environment

Filling / discharging, technical equipment, handling/warehousing, product (e.g. density, properties)


Dimensions, quality requirements, analysis & optimization of specifications

3. Team

Key team members (purchasing, logistics, technical, etc), internal information from customer

After determining the best possible specifications for the FIBC, an initial trial was performed at the customer’s site. The results of this trial and possible changes to the specifications of the FIBC were discussed with all members of the key team. We made sure to cover all the requirements before the next step in the development process was taken. After a second trial had been performed, the finishing touches to the FIBC were made.

Such a well-performed process of testing appears to be very valuable, for all members of the key team approved of the final specifications for the FIBC.

Our Solution

After a time of intense co-operation with our customer, we developed:

  • A heavy-duty FIBC with a;
  • special double walled system to gain extra strength;
  • The 60 cm high FIBC is able to hold > 2.000 kgs (!) of ore;

Moreover our FIBC is designed and thoroughly tested:

  • It meets the safety factor 5:1
  • Capable to carry a load of 10.000 kgs! (translated to daily practice).


We at Masterpack Group enable our clients from the mining industry to pack, protect and transport their extreme products in a cost efficient and responsible way. Solutions that will bring satisfaction for many years to come!