Solutions for a safe working area

Many customers get confused about the variety on the definitions of FIBC's when it comes to avoid electrostatical ignition hazards triggered during filling or discharge. Type A, B, C, and D are the common types that are used, however these bags differ according to their characteristics in charge dissipation or their ability in limiting occurring discharge energy. To ensure a safe working environment protective measures must be taken. Depending on the situation and working environment, following 4 types can be offered:

  • TYPE A: FIBC without any protective measures against electrostatic charges
  • TYPE B: FIBC with a breakdown voltage not exceeding 6 kV to prevent propagating discharges
  • TYPE C: Dissipative FIBC with interconnected conductive filaments and conductive- loops and tabs for grounding. The breakdown voltage is not exceeding 4kV. Dangerous electrostatic charges are safely eliminated. During filling and emptying the FIBC must be grounded.
  • TYPE D: FIBC with partially conductive properties to facilitate electrostatic charge dissipation into the surrounding via corona discharge. Dangerous electrostatic charges are reduced but not eliminated.

All mentioned systems of conductive bags can be produced with or without innerliner as long as the liner meets the conductivity requirements for each type of FIBC. These FIBC's are also available for hygienic appliances according to EU regulations for production of packaging materials in contact with foodstuffs.

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