A broad range of packaging solutions

We observe the individual needs of our customer and develop the best possible packaging solution. We specialize in total solutions: high performance characteristics to your products such as 100% dustproof, full protection against any contamination, most hygienic bags for delicate products or maximum stability. All to a good price-performance ratio.

A guideline to determine what type you are interested in:


Form stable


PowerQube x x
TopQube x x*)
PowerTube   x
TopTube   x*)
Square shape FIBCs x  
CleverQube x**) x
Other FIBCs    
*) special liner version

**) unique construction



Several special liners are available such as conductive, aluminium, anti-static dissipative, OPP metalized, EVOH, PA etc. When required our liners can be produced in our cleanroom production areas (class 10,000 for liner and class 100,000 for assembly). For a safe working environment all our FIBCs can be designed and produced as UN bag as well as conductive Type B, Type C and Type D FIBCs.