Perfect fit & Cleanthe Power Tube

A PowerTube® is an FIBC with a pre-shaped liner completely sewn in the top and bottom and (optional) in the side seams.

Twisting of the liner cannot occur thanks to its modular construction. An optimal fit is achieved and during the discharging process the liner stays in position. Since the liner is modular various materials can be used to create a barrier against moist, oxygen, loss of flavor etc.

The PowerTube® minimizes the risk of any contamination of foreign bodies with your product and avoids any leakage and loss of product.


  • perfect fit of liner in the FIBC (no twisting)
  • liner stays in position during discharge
  • 100% protection against any leakage
  • no risk of contamination
  • variation of all components is possible
  • optimal performance according to customers' demand
  • standard sizes as well as tailor-made
  • liner is made of a modular construction which takes it a more flexible solution than other liners such as tubular liners or bottle shape liners.

Download printable specification sheet


Several special liners available such as conductive, aluminum, anti-static dissipative, OPP metalized, EVOH, PA etc. When required the PowerTube® can be produced in our cleanroom production areas (class 10,000 for liner and class 100,000 for assembly). For a safe working environment the PowerTube® can be designed and produced as UN Bag as well as Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D.