Square Shape FIBCs

The square shaped FIBC is an FIBC with baffles out of woven fabric (corner panels) or with an open net structure (Open Corner Panel) at the inside of the 4 walls to keep the shape of a square during and after filling. The result of a filled, formstable bag is more or less a cubic bag that perfectly fits onto a pallet.

This type of FIBC has some main advantages that makes this bag attractive for customers with products that are very free flowing and have problems with stability:

  • Enhanced stability
  • Easier and safer handling
  • Space saving during storage and transport

When the open net structure (OCP) is chosen the FIBC has some extra benefits compared to a square shape FIBC with regular baffles out of woven fabric;

  • reduced cone in the upper part of the FIBC after filling. This enhances better stacking on each other
  • easier flow of the product since there is no resistance because of the net structure
  • open net structure is cleaner than baffles made of woven fabric

Download printable specification sheet

View the performance of an OCP bag:

For a safe working environment, Square shaped FIBC's can be designed and produced as UN bag, as well as Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D.