Clean, Tight & Cost-effective

FIBCs without a liner often have problems with sifting and loss of product through the stitching holes. Main cause is the pressure that is applied onto the FIBC during operation, handling and transport. Double coated fabric and different types of anti-dust cords are applied to minimize any type of sifting. However a100% dustproof FIBC will never be obtained with these kinds of solutions.

The Masterpack Group's R&D team has again developed a new concept in order to obtain a 100% dustproof FIBC: the TopTube®. Besides this great advantage compared to regular sewn FIBC's the TopTube® has another great benefit: full protection against any contamination. The TopTube® is a concept where the coating and the antidust cords are replaced by a very thin liner. Further the top of woven PP is changed into a special, sealable top so that absolutely no product can leak through any stitching hole. The TopTube® is a solution with a positive cost-benefit ratio because it improves protection of the product considerably against lowest possible costs.


  • 100% protection against leakage
  • better performance than regular FIBC with anti-dustcord
  • full protection of your product against any contamination
  • positive cost-benefit ratio
  • a fabric that goes without coating and anti dust cords
  • variation of all components is possible
  • optimal performance according to customers' demand

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Several special liners available such as antistatic-dissipative, EVOH, PA etc. All TopTube's can be produced in our cleanroom facilities. For a safe working environment the TopTube® can be designed and produced as UN bag as well as Type A, Type B, Type C and Type D.