Manufacturing plants

Integrated, Clean & Certified

As an innovative company with a very strong R&D department in the Netherlands, we serve our customers all over the world from our production facilities in Thailand, China and Bangladesh.

Being a leading supplier in the pharmaceutical-, chemical- and food industry, production takes place under the best hygienic circumstances with state-of-the-art equipment. Vertically integrated and complete secluded production areas guarantee the highest hygiene in all production processes.

Thai Masterpack

Thai Masterpack Co. Ltd. has been established in 1986 as a joint-venture together with Winza Products B.V. and has a fully integrated production of FIBC's. The complete production process – from PP granulate until the tailor made FIBC takes place in a modern manufacturing plant in Bangkok, Thailand and has an annual capacity of nearly 2 million FIBC's. Thai Masterpack has become a leading producer of integrated packaging solutions through its long term experience and extensive R&D activities, servicing our international customers in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical, food and mining business. Since 2008 this factory is amongst a few worldwide to produce conductive Type D bag Crohmiq ® blue under the license of Linq in the US.

  • State-of-the-art clean room facilitiesOne of our manufacturing plants
  • Fully integrated production facilities
  • ISO 9001 certificate
  • GMP
  • BRC certification
  • Class 100.000 FIBC confection
  • Secluded loading / packaging areas

China Masterpack

China Masterpack is based in Yixing, a city in the eastern part of China and has since 1998 a fully integrated FIBC production and produces yearly 1.4 million FIBC's. The clean room production has enlarged its facilities with a brand new building in 2009 to serve our customers in the chemical and food industry.

  • Sales office for ChinaOne of our manufacturing plants - outdoors.
  • Fully integrated production facilities
  • Hygienic clean room production
  • ISO 22000 and HACCP certified
  • GMP / AIB certification
  • Class 10.000 PE extrusion
  • Class 100.000 FIBC confection
  • Secluded loading / packaging areas

Rondo Masterpack

Rondo Masterpack produces different types of special liners for FIBCs upon customers’demand from co-extruded PE to aluminium as well as special films with high water and other kinds of barriers. The production takes place in a clean room environment under ISO and HACCP conditions.

  • Class 10.000 liner production
  • Clean room facilities
  • Production process according to HACCP and GMPconditions
  • Secluded loading and packaging areas

Bangladesh Masterpack

Bangladesh Masterpack is the latest production plant, based near Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. A new factory has been designed for the production of high quality and hygienic bigbags and has been operative since 2009 . Our factory is the first bulk packaging producer being that has been certified SA8000, which stands for an ethical business and management concept.

  • Fully integrated production facilities
  • SA8000
  • ISO 9001 and HACCP certified
  • GMP conditions
  • Secluded loading and packaging areas