Solutions for a safe working area

Masterpack Group has a long experience in producing FIBC's for dangerous goods according to UN regulations. These regulations describe following 4 types of FIBC's:

  • FIBC's without coating (13H1)
  • FIBC's with coating (13H2)
  • FIBC's with liner but without coating (13H3)
  • FIBC's with liner and with coating (13H4)

The main difference to standard (or not UN approved) FIBC's are the extra protective measures that are taken when sewing and producing such an FIBC. These measures (such as strengthened lifting loops, extra perimeter belt) are to protect the people working with the FIBC and to protect the direct environment in case of any incident with such an FIBC. UN bags have to go through tough test procedures before being approved as a UN bag. These tests consist of so called top lift tests, tearing tests, drop tests and stacking tests etc. Only when these test methods have been applied in detail and when the bags have passed the test, the external test insitute can issue a unique UN number for that particular FIBC.