One of the largest chemical companies in the world was facing difficulties in packing a very delicate product. Masterpack Group provided them with the CleverQube.


Our customer was in search of a square shaped FIBC with an hygienic clean liner. Because of the desired cleanliness only a so-called bottleshape liner could be used because that is the only type of liner that is not to be "opened" during its production process. And not opening the liner means less risk on contamination. Unfortunately it is technically not possible to get a formstable liner without opening the liner; this is because diagonal partitions need to be sealed into the inside of the liner to get its square shape.

Therefore a bag had to be developed that was indeed square shaped but could be designed with a liner without any diagonal partitions (corner panels). The form stability of the concept was needed to assure that the filled bag did not bulge the outer corrugated carton box into which the bag is placed after the filling process. Another important goal was to reach an optimal filling volume of 600 kg per bag.



First step was to form a project team with key members from our customer (in field of purchasing, QA and technical) and Masterpack Group. The team made a detailed inventory of all items that come up when starting a new project. More information about this procedure can be found in the chapter Manufacturing Process.

After determining the best possible specifications for the FIBC and the liner, we first performed some tests at our production plant in Thailand to make sure we could offer a proper solution for this valued customer. Shortly after those tests, a first trial was done at the customer's site with the key team.

The results of this trial and some improving changes to the specifications of the CleverQube were discussed with all members of the key team. Our team made sure to cover all the requirements before the next step in the development process was taken. After a second trial was done, the final details on the CleverQube (such as final position of document pockets, exact information on the label etc) were done.


After the above described period of intense co-operation with our customer, we developed the perfect cleanroom formstable FIBC: the CleverQube.

  • A square shape FIBC with a hygienic liner; suitable for a pharmaceutical environment
  • Special construction of the FIBC so that the diagonal partitions inside the liner are obsolete (highly improved hygiene)
  • Unique sewing method inside the outerbag to obtain formstability.

Moreover this FIBC also was packed in a highly hygienic and clean way so that also the packaging of the bag itself remains without contamination.


We at Masterpack Group enable our clients in the chemical industry to pack, protect and transport their delicate products in a cost efficiënt, hygienic and responsible way. Solutions that will bring satisfaction for many years to come!