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Cut down on costs
We also talk business. Our solutions are sustainable, yet we also take into account how to decrease costs. By extra clean practices we minimize cleaning costs, and we make sure you can make the most out of your transport and storage room.

  • 100% hygienic production
  • Construction with formstable liner
  • Reduction of packaging costs

Packaging challenges for pharmaceuticals
Medication is highly sensitive. Pharmaceutical packaging should protect the active ingredients in the products against moisture and, for biological medicine specifically, oxygen. These factors can affect the effectiveness of the drug and even contaminate it. 

Our FIBCs can carry various pharmaceutical materials, from fine powder to liquids.

Cleanrooms for 100% hygienic production
The filling and discharging process should be done in a hygienic environment. Our state-of-the-art equipment and high-class Cleanrooms, enable us to safely handle sensitive products such as tablets and inhaling liquids, without risking any contamination that could jeopardize their quality. 

Shape matters
Medical products often benefit from having a form-stable liner and custom Big Bag, as the smallest difference in packaging could make a big difference for transport and storage — and therefore their quality and effectiveness. For one of the leading companies in the world of pharmaceutical products, we took on the challenge to find a perfect fit for their pharmaceutical products.

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