Heavy-weight products call for high-performance packaging

Heavy-weight products


Rocks, metals, and ores - materials like these push the limits of bulk packaging. The abrasive nature of metals and rocks wears down and can rip weaker materials, making it a safety risk.

Our mining-friendly bags are made of heavier fabric that provides unparalleled strength and is resistant to tears and punctures.

We offer a broad range of packaging solutions and tailor-made FIBCs that have been thoroughly tested and proven to hold up in mining sites.
  • Safe and effortless filling and discharging possibilities
  • Keeping the product, people and the environment safe during storage and transport
  • Protecting the minerals against chemical and physical damage, as well as contamination
  • Sustainable and solid packaging 
  • Cost-efficient solutions
  • Special double walled system
  • Only 70 cm: able to hold 2,200 kgs

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