Based on your needs we thorougly test and develop the best possible packaging solution. Our benefits are threefold. We add value to your business. We know how we can help you cut costs, thanks to a tight-knit partnership with our full attention and tailored solutions that help you reach your goals. We transform your supply chainLonger shelf life, optimized storage and shipping space and safer packaging solutions make work a little easier. From Modified Atmosphere Packaging to special liners and FIBC materials - we're preparing our industry for the future.




We use all available barrier foils for our lined FIBCs such as conductive, aluminum, anti-static, dissipative, metalized OPP, EVOH and PA liners. For a safe working environment, all our FIBCs can be designed and produced as a UN Bag or as a conductive Type B, Type C or Type D FIBC. 

  • PowerQube® FIBC with form stable liner: stable, strong, square and hygienic - suitable for MAP

  • PowerTube® FIBC with pre-shaped liner: perfect fit and hygienic - suitable for MAP

  • TopTube® pre-shaped liner FIBC with a unique top construction: hygienic, tight and cost-effective 

  • TopQube® form stable FIBC with a unique top construction: hygienic, tight and square 

  • CleverQube® a unique form stable FIBC with pre-shaped liner: hygienic and unique 

  • Square Shape FIBC FIBC with baffles of woven fabric or with PP net

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