One of the leading companies in the world in the field of pharmaceutical products was looking for a different packaging process in order to save costs and space in their warehouse. This site - FDA approved - is focused on the production of tablets and inhaling liquids (i.e. for asthma).


During the production process of tablets, the finished tablets are filled in small drums, transported from the finished line to the packaging line. The current small drums shall be replaced by FIBC's due to following reasons:

  • Each drum to be cleaned after each usage > high costs
  • Drums need the space of 2 pallets per batch in the filling room and warehouse > much space
  • An additional PE liner is needed in each drum > high cost

FIBC's as a single trip solution shall reduce costs per packaging unit, facilitate easy handling and create more space in the filling room and in the warehouse as 1 big bag can be filled with 1 batch. The FIBC's would have to be produced in cleanroom since the product and the environment where the tablets are manufactured are very critical when it comes to cleanliness. 


Initially a project team with various key persons from our customer (in field of purchasing, QA and technical) and Masterpack Group was formed. The team made a detailed inventory that are consequently divided into the following 3 main parts.


Filling / discharging process, technical equipment available at customer, handling / warehousing, product (density, properties), other production environment circumstance

  • FIBC

Required dimensions (before and after filling), quality requirements of FIBC and liner, analysis and possible optimization of specifications

  • TEAM

Key team members (purchasing, logistics, QA, technical, etc), internal information from customer

The first step in this process was the QA management of this customer visiting our production location in Thailand to perform an audit. After the production plant was approved by the customer the first version of the specifications could be developed. After determining the best possible specifications for the FIBC and its liner, we produced a few samples for testing at the customer's facility.

The results of this trial and some improving changes to the specification of this PowerQube® was discussed with all members of the key team. After the final trial was successfully performed, we finalized the specifications with all further details e.g. printing, documentpockets etc.


After the above described period of intense cooperation with our customer, we offered the PowerQube® with a double walled system for perfect stability when filled with tablets.

  • A square shape FIBC with a hygienic clean liner for maximum space usage in warehouse
  • Due to the fact that customer switched from drums to an FIBC the quantity of tablets per pallet place increased
  • Cost reduction due to the fact that cleaning the drums and extra PE liners was now obsolete

We at Masterpack Group enable our clients from the pharmaceutical industry to pack, protect and transport their sensitive products in a cost efficient, hygienic and responsible way. Solutions that will bring satisfaction for many years to come.